We’re Frankie & Marilia.

Your new photographers-slash-friends in Italy.

We’re so happy to meet you. We really hope we hit it off.

For over ten years, we helped hundreds of the most demanding creatives tell the unique stories of their wedding days. We got to photograph some of the coolest weddings in South America. We were featured in major publications. But life just felt rushed.

We wanted less.

We’ve always had this dream of returning to the place our families came from – and it brought us to Tuscany. We’re here because we wanted less in life. Because we wanted to grow better with the stories we tell.

We wanted to slow down.
Not only slow our lives down, but also the work we create. And we believe Italy is the best place we can make this happen.
We wanted meaning.

And we believe that if you’ve chosen Italy as the place to celebrate love, you have similar reasons to do so. Weddings have meaning and are important milestones. We love weddings exactly because they go way beyond just a regular party. There’s meaning in every action.

Take a little bit of our multicultural backgrounds and fondness for la dolce vita. Throw in some of our playful approach to life to the mix. Add in our unwavering love for music & art – and we’re golden.
We strive to create timeless photographs with purpose. For contemporary images that will stand the test of time. To tell unique stories of your once-in-a-lifetime wedding. Let’s go!

frankie and marilia wedding photography in tuscany marilia marsulo

Marília Marsulo

An unwavering – and sometimes obsessive – lover of dogs. And cats. Passionate about films, though unapologetic about my thing for romantic comedies. Naturally tall. Lover of architecture, handmaking all kinds of gifts, and languages – which I studied. Not usually scared of taking leaps, except really having to leap over physical things. 

I cry happy tears in movies. Judge me. My name actually has a ´over the first i. That makes the pronunciation Mah-ree-lhah [mɐˈɾiʎɐ]. Like the Versilia region of Tuscany. So fancy.

Canine love, plant life, Love Actually, short emails, indie rock, classic literature, Eton mess, slow living, the city of London, planning vacations, the band Bright Eyes, coming home to a clean house, christmas markets, pourover coffee, girly shoes, lazy weekends – and carrying a camera everywhere.
Horror movies, long emails, artificial people, consumerism, violent videogames, small talk on social media, being stuck in small spaces, shopping malls

Frankie Freitas

I get sick in cars. Or buses. Or planes. But never on rollercoasters. I’ve been bitten on the glutes by a German shepherd, but Marília calls me the dog whisperer aka I LOVE DOGS.  Grew up a punk, still much in love with and inspired by the music, culture & ethics.

Passionate about baking. Will pick pizza over any meal. Extroverted introvert. Preferred coffee brewing method is the pourover. Carbohydrate enthusiast. I’ve lived in at least 10 different cities. Communications/Film school graduate with a screenwriting AA – two degrees I’ve never really used but help me tell stories every single day.

frankie and marilia wedding photography in tuscany frankie freitas
Slow mornings, pizza, chinotto, film culture, small town living, being out in nature, late nights, street art, snow, specialty coffee, bread and baking it, train travel, hardcore punk rock, football (the real kind, played with your feet), mountains, handmade stuff, underground hip hop, hiking, film cameras – and books. Lots of books.
Early mornings, gluten-free anything, mathematics, airplanes, noisy cities, noisy restaurants, crowded places that aren’t football stadiums, hustle culture, mosquitoes, wearing pants when at home.




We’re not completely unplugged but we’re not always connected. We don’t spend that much time on social media. We should probably post more.
We have a thing for dogs that is borderline unhealthy. Beware of the creepy couple staring at your puppy. We won’t try to steal it, we might try to pet it.
We met because of a scam. We can tell you about it over coffee. It’s a long story we love to tell. We know, it sounds insane.
We love good design and film and we try to live our lives in balance. This means making time to see art. Everywhere we go.
We always say we would have become architects if we weren’t photographers. Though we both went to school for different things.
Our idea of fun is good coffee and real conversations at a quiet specialty coffee shop. Italy is the land of espresso and we hail from the land of coffee, so let’s drink.
We always say we would have become architects if we weren’t photographers. Though we both went to school for different things. Might still chase this dream.
We’ve been enamored with the country of Italy for many years. So we came “home” to where we should have been born. Slow food. Slow life. This is how we’ve always wanted to live.
An updated list of our favorites. A list of tips and resources we use for work and for life. From all our photography gear to what we’re currently reading. From our favorite baking supplies to our coffee paraphernalia.
We would love to hear what you guys have planned. We are sure we can work out a custom tailored package that fits your experience.