Although we had very kind friends help us when we started, we spent over a decade learning our craft to get here. We want to help you get where you want to be faster and make this ride smoother.

With more than a decade of blood (literally), sweat and tears  put into this career, we really have walked the walk.  We aren’t the best at anything, we don’t know everything – but we have learned a lot. We have learned enough to know that we need to share what we’ve learned to learn more. It’s the exchange of ideas that makes us grow in our own work.

Over the years, we’ve hosted a few different workshops. We have also worked on one-on-one mentoring sessions with photographers who wanted our insight into how they could better their work or their business. These are some simple things we like and you can easily implement. We really think they can help and we swear by them. Either as resources, tools – or inspiration.

Oh, heads up: Some of these recommendations are affiliates. We really do stand by, recommend and do use these – we promise it’s not a weird ploy to make money or sell. The pricing does not change for you (in fact, you may get a better deal on some). We’re always around if you guys wanna ask us questions about any of these – just reach out.

Frankie & Marilia Favorites and Resources
Makes our work look so good whenever we deliver to clients we can’t deliver physical goods to. Beautiful galleries, easy-to-use print shop. Win win win. We willingly give them money every month, no questions asked.
The name says it all. Makes it super easy for us to cull – and publish – our work. But the Narrative cherry on top is definitely Select, their culling software to help photographers sort through images. Seriously, this cut our culling time by half. They hail from New Zealand and have the gnarliest accent – ever. Good people, too.
Part of our secret recipe to help make our photos look the way they do. Lightroom and Capture One Presets by photographers for photographers. Featuring presets by some people who have inspired us throughout the years. They also work with us on our workshops and are really kind folks.
Image delivery, album design and slideshows. All intuitive and easy to use. All in the same place! Pixellu has worked with us (and we’ve worked with them) for years in our workshops. Their work really makes ours a little easier.
Hands down most beautiful camera bags anywhere. Not only that, they’re sturdy and fit everything we need. We have one each, that we bought. These are individually handmade and focus on improving the lives of artisans. Oh, lifetime warranty too. Heck yes.
Stop Phubbing, dum dum. Really, the silliest app. You focus, plant a tree on your phone and they plant real trees in real life. It’s like pomodoro-ing, but way more helpful in making the planet a better place. We recommend the usual pomodoro session times – 25 minutes of focusing, 5 minute breaks. We do this every time we need to focus.
c/alma workshop frankie and marilia

We’ve directly helped dozens of photographers grow – and work smarter. Featuring two-day immersive experiences, our C/ALMA workshop culminates with a styled shoot, as we guide photographers on how we photograph and manage each part of the wedding day timeline. We can’t wait to see what we’re going to come up with when we start hosting them here in Tuscany.

Meanwhile, we offer very specific one-on-one mentoring sessions, to bring some of our insight into how to better your work or business. From gear to business talk, from creating packages to photographing weddings – we create a step-by-step plan to help you get where you want to be, faster.

This video of the first edition of our C/ALMA workshop can help you decide if attending one of our gatherings or working with us on a one-on-one mentorship is something you think you could benefit from.

From everything we use for our photography work to what we’re currently reading. From baking supplies to our coffee paraphernalia. Organized into sections. Reach out if you’re curious about anything.




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