Film photograph of a couple hugging in front of the Duomo during their Florence Engagement Photos

Ethereal Florence Engagement Photos – Pat & Keith

Pat & Keith’s Ethereal Florence Engagement Photos

Although we like to keep things unbiased here, there truly isn’t a city as grand as Florence! And there’s absolutely nothing like florence engagement photos to celebrate love in Tuscany. This Italian jewel is dipped in historical allure and sophistication, making it the ultimate spot for romantic souls to celebrate their love, be it for their wedding, honeymoon, or, in this case – an engagement session in Florence. Pat and Keith couldn’t resist the city’s unique charm, so they flew all the way from the Philippines (6,500 miles, to be precise!) and decided to commemorate this important chapter in their love story.

Florence Engagement Photos on film of Pat and Keith

From a Vision to Bespoke Reality

Now, one thing that surprised us is that Pat and Keith came ready – they knew exactly what their Florence engagement photos wanted to look like! Granted, they’re both creative marketing professionals, so everything was planned down to the last detail. Additionally, they showed us the vibe of the wedding, and since they wanted everything to be cohesive, their engagement session in Florence was supposed to be a sneak peek of what’s to come. Why was this surprising, you may wonder? Typically, as engagement photographers, we’re the ones who give all the suggestions, so it was such a pleasure to work with a couple who had a clear vision set in place. And the result is nothing short of exceptional!

Black and white portrait of Pat and Keith looking at the Arno River while underneath the Vasari Corridor in Florence

A Session Filled With Extraordinary Backdrops and Ethereal Flair

Naturally, our Florence engagement photography session began in front of the unmistakable Duomo di Firenze. The city already gave us the most amazing backdrop we could think of, yet the couple made it even more beautiful! In essence, they wanted their Florence engagement photos to reflect themselves and their own stories, but also to include a little bit of the Florentine background. It was like the city breathed artistic allure into the photos, trailing our every step. Together, we walked through the historic city center as we talked about their wedding planning process and our own lives in Tuscany. Our common interest in specialty coffee also made for an espresso break (when in Italy, right?) before we made our way up to the hills.

Black and white Ponte Vecchio in focus in the background of pat and keith's florence engagement photos

The Timeless Beauty of Film Photography

The surprises didn’t stop there! Apart from their initial gorgeous attire, Pat and Keith decided to bathe in elegance and sophistication, so they opted for an outfit change – Keith in a striking navy suit and Pat in a whimsically delicate white dress. We continued wandering the small alleys, and their Florence engagement photos couldn’t have turned out better! A splash of rain greeted us, but even that couldn’t stop this lovely couple on their mission! Finally, they provided a treat for us as well! Since we’re film photographers in Tuscany, Pat and Keith wanted extra elegance in their session, so they incorporated film photos along with digital ones. As for the results? Well, you can see them for yourself!

Hands holding ditta artigianale cappuccinos during Pat and Keith's engagement photos in Florence, Italy

We want to extend our deepest gratitude to Pat & Keith for trusting us to curate their Florence engagement photos – this experience was truly one for the books! 

If you’re looking for an engagement photographer in Florence, Italy, to capture this momentous chapter in your story, don’t hesitate to get in contact. With your uniqueness and our expertise, we’ll genuinely make magic together!

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Florence Engagement Photos on film of Pat and Keith