We strive to create timeless photographs with purpose. For contemporary images that will stand the test of time. Slow, from the heart  – and true to who you are.
Here for you.

We strive to create contemporary images that stand the test of time. To surprise you with photographs that are authentic. All we ask for is a hint of vulnerability and letting us in, allowing us take part in the experience – we’re sure we’ll create memories you and your families can feel.

We create custom wedding packages that can include multiple-day coverage for your Italian extravaganza, unlimited coverage for your wedding day or additional engagement or portrait sessions. We can also create specific packages for your elopement or small wedding. Oh, and our custom keepsake deliverables help make sure these memories last and do your wedding justice for generations to come.

Not to mention all our weddings are shot by us. Frankie and Marilia. No associates here. You know who’s going to be getting awesome next to you on your wedding day. And of top of getting TWO real photographers – we’re also native and fluent English speakers – respectively. Oh – we also speak Italian and Portuguese. Mamma mia!


Intimate Tuscany Wedding Photographers
Weddings & Elopements

These are the days you’ve been dreaming of. So have we. Your wedding in Italy might not involve any travel for us, but there’s just something about Destination Weddings that spark joy in everyone involved (including us).

People become more spontaneous and vulnerable by the time the wedding day arrives. Emotions are raw. Drinks are tall. The sun is shining. Locations are stunning. And friends and family are together –  for a few days – often for the first time in years.

We love to travel and won’t even blink before hopping on a plane, train or car to photograph your story anywhere. We create custom-tailored packages for wherever you want to make this happen.

Slow and from the heart.
Hiring Frankie and Marília to photograph our wedding was one of our best decisions. We (as wedding photographers), wanted photographers to capture not only our special day in a professional way but also with love, affection and poetry. And without a doubt this was the way they photographed each moment.
– Thaís & Johansson
Engagements & Portraits

This is when all of us get to do our thing. You get to be creative. So do we.

Together we’ll think of a way to make your personalities shine through these portraits. Be it through special locations or styling that stands out – we’ll help you make sure these memories reflect who you were at this moment in time. Somewhere in Tuscany, or anywhere.

A moment in life, frozen in time. Portraits are the best way to remember a romantic vacation in Italy or to mark an engagement. To celebrate your family or remember maternity. Or maybe just a reason to get some new photos for the ‘gram.

It is in these intimate moments we all open up. You get to know us. We get to know you. We all get to make new friends. Win/Win situation and probably some delicious espresso in Italy – what else would you want?

frankie and marilia engagement sessions and portraits in tuscany
The photos they take speak for themselves, but the people behind the camera are one of the most sensitive and talented professionals that I’ve ever met. Recommend them to anyone willing to have real, amazing, living memories kept in photographs for any special day that might come.
– Rebecca & Matheus
frankie and marilia wedding photographer in Tuscany editorial and corporate
Editorial & Corporate

Our main goal with all our work is to tell a story. Years of story-telling through images and words, our love for film – along with our schooling – have all helped us tell stories that sell.

School taught us how to communicate. Work taught us what sells. From conception to execution, we can create written, still and moving imagery to make you or your brand tell its story.

We can help your brand find the right visual (and written) tone to suit its voice. We can help businesses and individuals better resonate with their audience by creating content that is bold, authentic, and relevant.


We Talk.
We open up to you. You open up to us. You tell us why you chose Italy and what your expectations for your wedding are. We tell you more about ourselves (like about our ridiculous love for dogs) and our work. If we think we can meet each other’s expectations, it’s a match. Heck yes.
We Participate.
The only way to create honest and meaningful photographs of such an important day is letting us in. We’re here to tell your story, but we need to play a tiny role in this if we are to get close to where emotions happen. We need to get close to you and your family and friends, that’s where true stories lie.
We’re in this together.
We can only be as authentic as you are. We know how to tell stories – that’s true – but we need to have interesting stories to tell. Here is where you come in. Tell us how your personality shines through in the details you chose for your wedding. Throw your best “The Office” joke at us. Let us know what your favorite bands are. Let’s get vulnerable!
We’d love to meet up in Florence – in person – for some delicious coffee. We know that’s not always possible, and if not the case, we’re sure we can both make coffee at home and talk to each other on a video call (our coffee might be a little better).
We strive to create images that are deliberate. Timelessly contemporary and of extraordinary experiences. But the most important part of your wedding is YOU TWO. The story you tell. Emotions. The stories that unfold during these days in Tuscany with your families.
Tell us you’re nervous about being photographed professionally for the first time. We’re also nervous about your day, even though we’ve done this almost 200 times. But please, trust us. After all, you chose us for a reason.
Check out our FAQ & tips to plan the perfect wedding in Tuscany.
We would love to hear what you guys have planned. We are sure we can work out a custom tailored package that fits your experience.

Our hearts are true to telling your stories. We have a real responsibility to capture these moments in a way that is true to you. To make them last.

We promise we’ll always give you our best. We’ll put in the effort. We’ll sweat & wake up sore the next day for you. We want to create beautiful work as much as you want your photos to look beautiful.
We’re already in Tuscany, so no need to worry about travel fees or flying us out. We are Italian/EU citizens. We already live here, know how things work and know how to get around. We aren’t going to miss the connecting flight to your wedding.
We’re native & fluent English speakers. We speak Italian as well. Oh, we also speak Portuguese. Look at us go. With us, you get two photographers: Frankie & Marilia. No associates or assistants here. We have been photographing creative clients in the luxury market for over a decade. We know what we’re doing.
We’re gonna get so awesome.
Authentic memories of once-in-a-lifetime weddings in Tuscany.
Or in Italy.
Or anywhere, really.