Rebecca and Mateus | Frankie & Marilia

The responsibility of photographing other wedding photographers.

Wedding photography is a hard thing to do for a living. We’ve been photographing other photographers more and more in the last few years. The responsibility that comes with it has been making us a little confused – and that’s what happened to us with Rebecca and Mateus’ wedding.

We love the way other photographers pour so much attention into detail – and that photography is a vital part of a photographer’s wedding day – but we can’t shake this pressure. It’s not that normal pressure from a “normal” client. It’s the pressure of endless doubt.

Is our work ever good enough for another wedding photographer?

Not all pressure is bad pressure when it comes to our work. We feel positively challenged when photographing another photographer. In fact, it’s an honor to do so. And it’s also a chance to really prove ourselves – to ourselves. But it’s tiring work.

It’s surreal thinking that to photographers that book us, our work is the most essential part of wedding vendors or services they hire for their day. So it’s natural that when it’s time to share the final results with couples or out in the open, it may be a little gut-wrenching.

We can never shake off this question: Is our work good enough for this couple? Will the result be what they really expected?

Usually, when photographing non-photographers, we’re there to tell the story of a couple and their families. Register these moments in time. But when the couple turns out to be other wedding photographers, things get a little more complicated. We start looking around too much. It feels like we’re always on the lookout for a moment or something that may come to us naturally when we’re photographing a “regular” wedding.

Would they be photographing this wedding the same way?

Even if we’ve been doing this thing for over ten years, it’s hard to be confident enough not to think this: Are they judging us because we do this differently? I mean, it’s a refreshing feeling to know you’re special. You were chosen out of many other photographers, some who are our friends, to be there! They’ll probably like the work we deliver. In fact, they chose us because of that – because we do something a specific way. But it’s still hard not to feel a little self-conscious.

We’ve been thinking a lot about the relationship between clients and wedding photographers. We’re super fortunate. Most of our clients trust us enough to let us do our things. But as an industry, I think we need to find a way to educate our clients enough that they stop thinking about us as not only vendors.

These are the things that make a difference.

Mateus picked us up at the airport in Rio de Janeiro early. After a 5am flight and showing up with the darkest of circles under our eyes, it was so rewarding to be greeted by an ecstatic Mateus. Stoked enough to accidentally leave his car parked at an illegal spot and nearly having his car towed with all of his band’s gear – that would be used at the wedding. We hugged. And promptly drove away from the airport to pick up Rebecca at home. Then after a few hours in the car, we got to Teresópolis where we photographed them – the day before they got married

The next morning, we woke up early and got in a van with them. And drove to their wedding. Together. And it’s still weird to think that we probably spent more time with them than their own families during their wedding weekend.

It may not seem like it, but these are the things that make a difference. They saw us at friends. We had breakfast together in São Paulo before the wedding in Rio. We met Rebecca’s mom in São Paulo a few weeks before the wedding. We Instagram messaged each other the silliest messages for months. So we knew.

We knew they wanted us as their photographers there that day not only as vendors but as Frankie and Marilia.

Rebecca and Mateus, thank you for having us. As your friends. Thank you for trusting us enough to allow us to do what we do—the way we do it.

We hope you like this as much as we do.