Robert and Daniel walking out of their ceremony during their fashion forward wedding in Tuscany

Small Wedding in Tuscany at Castello di Pergolato

Daniel & Robert’s Small Wedding in Tuscany at Castello di Pergolato

Perched atop a hill, with our majestic Chianti as their backdrop and the renowned Antinori Winery in sight, Daniel & Robert choice of Castello di Pergolato as the venue for their small castle wedding in Tuscany was nothing short of perfect.

Daniel and Robert at their same-sex wedding in tuscany

Filled with luxurious details, Daniel & Robert intently used every single item a great Tuscany wedding should have to make their guests experience what getting married in Italy is all about.

They traded their vows in a beautiful ceremony celebrated by their family and friends in the castle’s garden. As the ceremony ended and the sun set on the hills in the background, guests enjoyed aperitivo out on the garden by the pool.

Robert and Daniel walking out of their ceremony during their fashion forward wedding in Tuscany

Castello di Pergolato: A Hidden Gem Near Florence

We’ve mentioned this on the blog before, but there are so many great wedding venues near Florence. There are incredible villas for weddings nestled on every single hill here in the Chianti, but there are also a few castles that are only a short drive away from Florence. Most people don’t realize just how close to Florence we are.

On the top of a hill facing the world’s most beautiful winery – Antinori nel Chianti Classico, Castello di Pergolato is a villa / castle that also provides accommodation for a few guests – and is less than a 30 minute drive away from Florence.

It features the best of what a castle wedding venue has to offer: A 12th century castle, breathtaking views, small town charm. As close as this venue might be to Florence, we would definitely recommend guests staying nearby – especially in the town of San Casciano in Val di Pesa. We’re very biased when it comes to this, since this castle is really close to our house – but this is definitely our favorite part of Tuscany.

Aerial view of Castello di Pergolato

Classically Elegant Charm in Every Detail

From their choice of jackets to their Ferragamo (which happens to be a local brand) shoes, from the vintage postcards of Tuscany on the napkins – to the wax melting down the candelabras as the evening progressed – there wasn’t a single detail these two did not think of in order to make their wedding feel classy.

As art collectors, they managed to host their welcome dinner at an art gallery in Florence, slowly acclimating their guests to what their wedding experience would be like. We later learned from Robert that Daniel was the one responsible for the entire “art direction” of their wedding.

We won’t ever forget Daniel enthusiastically showing us his Saint Laurent blazer, gleaming in the sun when the light struck, as he brought it out and hung it on the window in the room they got ready in together.

Focusing on an extremely local menu, featuring only very local dishes and wines, Daniel and Robert were able to really incorporate Tuscany into their wedding – honoring this region how it really deserves.

Daniel and Robert, thank you. It was truly an honor. From our first meeting we knew your wedding would be special for you and your guests, we just didn’t know it would be this special for us as well.

PHOTOGRAPHY: Frankie and Marilia 
VENUE: Castello di Pergolato
DANIEL’S JACKET: Saint Laurent
DANIEL’S SHOES: Salvatore Ferragamo
ROBERT’S JACKET: Richard James
ROBERT’S SHOES Salvatore Ferragamo
CATERING: Maurizio Moretti







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Daniel and Robert at their same-sex wedding in tuscany