rolling tuscan hills by frankie and marilia

Time for change

We swear we’ve had over two years to write this post. This is how long we’ve been keeping this bottled up.
Honestly? Way more than two years. It’s been a long time coming. We knew this was coming for sure.
We’ve been keeping quiet about our personal lives lately. On here, on instagram. But behind the scenes we’ve been working SO HARD at making this work. And it’s about time we told you. You may or may not have figured this out on your own, but: We’re done here.
By done here, we don’t mean we’re done photographing. We don’t mean we’re done photographing weddings. We definitely don’t mean we’re breaking up.
But here it goes:

We’re Frankie and Marilia, wedding photographers in Tuscany.

Yes, we’re moving across the planet. To the heart of Tuscany.

frankie and marilia moving to italy

We wanted less.

We wanted to grow better with the stories we tell.

We wanted to slow down.

Slow our lives down and how we create. And we think Italy is the place for it.

We wanted meaning.

frankie and marilia moving to tuscany
Ben Gibbard says “it’s brainless to assume that making changes to your window’s view will give a new perspective.”
We think he’s right. And this goes way beyond a change of scenery. But you can’t imagine what it’s like to close your eyes for years, pretending you had a different view.
There are a million different reasons for our choice right now, some too personal to get into here. But it’s been brewing inside for so long, it became a no-brainer.
Background story time: We’re both EU citizens. I’m Italian, Marilia is Portuguese. We’re two EU citizens married to each other. We can move anywhere we want in Europe, freely. We have been talking about the possibility of leaving Brazil for over a decade. I mean, really talking about it. Like talking about it obsessively in therapy and at home.
I (Frankie) wasn’t even born here. I didn’t even grow up here. I can’t get used to this place.
Marília always felt more at ease in Europe after the time she spent in the UK and has always talked fondly of a more “european” life. And I guess that after a while, we realized this uneasiness wasn’t going to go away.
tuscan flowers in spring frankie and marilia
We had it pretty made up in our heads our time here was up. We’ve been feeling a disconnect to Brazilian society for years, and this disconnect started showing itself in some of the weddings we were photographing. There’s no single specific reason that made us finally make this decision. But there are many deeply personal, social, and political reasons.
It’s not easy “giving up” over eleven years of something we built up here for “what ifs”. But it would have killed us in the long run not to at least try.
And we know life will be just as hard, if not harder. This just doesn’t feel like home – and we can always come back.
santa maria del fiore duomo di firenze frankie and marilia

So we’re chasing after this dream.

We know what it’s like to listen to a perfect record on good headphones. That can change your life.
We’ve stood beneath the tallest of mountains, and when the light hits them right, that can change your life.
Italy changed our lives. We knew it would. Our great-grandparents and grandparents crossed the Atlantic because of hunger and hardship – and built something beautiful here.
We’re taking it back across the Atlantic.
marilia marsulo sipping wine and hanging out with the cat in tuscany
So it’s out there. It’s official. It’s “on the website” official.
Soon we’re gonna start putting more practical things in motion. Eventually a new website. We’re excited about seeing friends from all over the world more frequently. This is gonna be good.
Thank you so much to each and every single one of you as you stood by us for these last eleven years. We hope this will make you want to stand by us for eleven more.
Ci vediamo presto – speriamo che sia in Italia!

-Frankie and Marilia

Slow and from the heart –  in Tuscany.
montespertoli by frankie and marilia